10 New England and Philadelphia-Inspired Foods for The Big Game

Forget your traditional football party food! Watch The Big Game this Sunday and enjoy New England and/or Philadelphia inspired favorites.

New England Inspired Cusines

1. Fluffernutter

(Source: Wikipedia)

This sandwich is a sweet combination of white bread, peanut butter, and Marshmallow Fluff. They are tasty grilled, too.

2. Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll
(Source: Wikipedia)

Native to New England, lobster rolls consist of a grilled hot dog-style bun that’s been buttered liberally and toasted. It is then stuffed with delicious lobster meat.

3. Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie
(Source: Wikipedia)

This beloved combination of golden sponge cake, pastry cream, and chocolate ganache is so popular in New England you can even find it in doughnut form.

4. Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder
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A creamy and comforting soup made with clams, milk, and potatoes is a New England crowd pleaser.

5. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ice cream
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The famous ice cream company got its start in Burlington, Vermont back in 1978. With hundreds of flavors to choose from, there’s a flavor for everyone.


Philadelphia Fan Favorites

1. Philly Cheese-steak

Cheese Steak
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Thinly sliced rib eye beef and melted cheese in a long roll is a Philadelphia fan favorite.

2. Philly-Style Soft Pretzel

Soft pretzels
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Soft, twisted, and salty pretzels are a chewy delight. These beloved treats are best dipped in warm, gooey cheese or mustard.

3. Whoopie Pie

Whoopie Pie
(Source: Wikipedia)

These sweet treats have two cake-like cookies sandwiched around a cream center.

4. Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie
(Source: Wikipedia)

Tender chunks of chicken, mushrooms, peas, potatoes, sherry cream sauce, and a flaky pastry crust is  fan favorite among Philadelphians.

5. Hershey’s Chocolate

Hershey's Chocolate
(Source: Pixabay)

The Sweetest Place on Earth is located in Hershey right in the heart of Pennsylvania. But the good news is you can get all the chocolate bars and peanut butter cups you want at your local grocery store.