Give Bourbon Cold Brew a Try at 4th Corner Bakehouse & Coffee Co.

Sospeso Coffee Roasters accidentally made bourbon cold brew and has since expanded into hopped cold brew as well.

Janet Baker says the bourbon cold brew she offers was actually a mistake.

Baker is the owner of Sospeso Coffee Roasters and 4th Corner Bakehouse and Coffee Co. in Waxhaw. While aging coffee beans in some of Doc Porter’s old bourbon barrels, she accidentally mixed beans together and couldn’t sell the batch. Instead of tossing them, she attempted to make it into cold brew… and the rest is history.

Now, it’s safe to say Sospeso specializes in cold brew. They serve it on tap at the Bakehouse in both still and nitro form. They also bottle the four types they offer, including regular, decaf, bourbon aged and hopped.

You can findĀ 4th Corner Bakehouse and Coffee Co. atĀ  205 Salem Street in Waxhaw.