Pour Your Own Candle at The Candle Bar

This Nashville-based DIY recently opened in Charlotte, and it lets you choose your own fragrance adventure.

When it comes to candles, it can be hard to find the perfect one. Maybe the container is gorgeous, but the actual smell is not your type. Or maybe you’ve found the perfect fragrance, but the glass vessel is a gaudy yellow. Thanks to The Candle Bar Charlotte, you can pour your own perfect candle!

For $35, you can choose your vessel and type of wick (3-wick,1-wick or woodwick) as well as a smell from the fragrance room (there’s more than 40 smells in there, btw).

From there, you become a mixologist according to Store Manager Hellen Martin. You combine the wax and concentrated smell into your perfectly poured candle.

And when you burn through the candle? You can bring that vessel back and pour another candle for 30 percent off.

The Candle Bar Charlotte is located at 1800 Camden Road.