Check Out This Copperhead Strike POV Video Ahead of Carowinds Opening Day

Carowinds reopens to the public on March 23rd, and Copperhead Strike is their newest coaster to join the park!

Carowinds has dropped a new POV ride video of the park’s newest coaster – the Copperhead Strike. The coaster marks a first for both the park as well as the Carolinas as the first double launch coaster. (Basically means more speed and more thrill.)

Riders will accelerate from 0 to 42 MPH is 2.5 seconds and rides for a total of 2 minutes and 24 seconds. It’ll reach a max speed of 50 MPH. (For reference, Fury 325 reaches 95 MPH.)

The coaster will be a focal point of the Blue Ridge Junction, a section of the park inspired by the beauty and culture of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Opening day for Carowinds is March 23rd! Start planning your trip to Carowinds with Queen City Weekend.