Carowinds’ Copperhead Strike Ready to Give Visitors a Wild Ride in 2019

Construction on the newest coaster at Carowinds is complete.

Copperhead Strike is now ready to open along with the park for the 2019 season. Measuring in at a whopping 82 feet tall at its peak, the coaster lasts for nearly two and a half minutes and gives riders the chance to experience FIVE head-over-heels inversions along the way.

In addition to this, the ride is the first double-launch roller coaster in the Carolinas, meaning that riders will get not one but two bursts of speed during the experience.  With an initial thrust of 0-42 mph in 2.5 seconds followed by a second thrust at the ride’s halfway point that takes the riders from 35-50 mph in 2 seconds, this is a must-try for all park visitors who have a need for speed!

Visitors to the park will have the opportunity to test out this memorable thrill ride for themselves in just a few short months when it opens in the spring. In the meantime, check out the point-of-view footage of the final pieces of the track being put in place below!