Carowinds Announces First Double Launch Coaster in the Carolinas – Copperhead Strike

Video Courtesy Carowinds

Coaster fans, hold on to your seats!

Carowinds announced a brand new coaster coming to the park in spring 2019 – the Copperhead Strike. The coaster marks a first for both the park as well as the Carolinas as the first double launch coaster. (Basically means more speed and more thrill.)

Riders will accelerate from 0 to 42 MPH is 2.5 seconds and rides for a total of 2 minutes and 24 seconds. It’ll reach a max speed of 50 MPH. (For reference, Fury 325 reaches 95 MPH.)

The coaster will be a focal point of the Blue Ridge Junction, a section of the park inspired by the beauty and culture of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Can’t wait to ride it? Watch the video for the point-of-view experience of the newest coaster!

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