CLT250: Here’s How to Celebrate Charlotte’s 250th Anniversary

CLT250 has events and celebrations planned to commemorate our great city!

When it comes to celebrating Charlotte’s anniversary, CLT250 is partying all year long!

Originally founded at Charlotte-Towne, CLT will commemorate 250 years on December 3rd. CLT250 is the initiative to recognize the past, understand and commemorate our present and imagine the future through continued growth.

In addition to the Dec. 3rd celebration Charlotte Takes the Cake, other events include the Thanksgiving Day Parade, MLK Parade and the long-awaited return of Charlotte Shout.

The initiative also asks all Charlotteans to make an impact in their own community through a legacy project. Examples include planting 250 trees, volunteering for 250 minutes, walking 250 miles and more.

Those interested can download this toolkit to get started making a difference in their own community!