Here’s How I Helped Solve a (Not Real) CluedUpp Crime in Uptown Charlotte

By Peter Seifert, WBTV Marketing Producer

Three victims murdered and a serial killer still on the loose… Local police are struggling to find any leads, and ask for your help to solve the case. It’s up to you, Detective, and five of your most trusted allies to figure out who’s committed these heinous crimes and stop them before they kill again.


I was invited to join a group of friends and solve a murder the other weekend in Uptown Charlotte. It’s a game/app called CluedUpp that takes you all over town solving riddles about the city to gain clues from witnesses that will help you solve a spree of murders.

We met at Romare Bearden Park on a Saturday morning with no idea what we were doing or what to expect. Our team leader Kristen told us to download the app and open our case notes.

There, we found a detailed description of what police knew about the crimes and who were their potential leads. With this information and a little bit more newfound confidence, we opened a tab in the app with street maps of Uptown Charlotte. Throughout the area, there were 20 to 30 suspects and witnesses we could walk over to question about the case. Once we were near one person of interest (POI), we would receive a notification that we were near them.

As we were about to embark on an adventure, another team immediately crossed our paths – all of which were dressed in black holding monocles. We were clearly under-prepared. We chit-chatted a bit about the excitement about to come and took team photos of each other.

And then, we were off.

Our first POI was near Mellow Mushroom. We didn’t know what to expect as we approached the target. Suddenly, a notification informed us we were here. But we must first solve a riddle. Unsure what we were doing, we hastily answered only to learn we were wrong and had incurred a 15 minute penalty.

Clearly, we were off to a great start. The witness then provided us with information about one person supposedly giving us more insight to solve the case.cluedupp

My group decided to strategize how we would navigate the city efficiently. We continued solving riddles as we approached new POIs and calmly interpreting clues to solve riddles to avoid penalties.

After about an hour of talking to POIs, we decided to take a lunch break at 7th Street Market while we looked at all our clues and eliminated potential suspects. (Side note, I ate Bonsai Fusion Sushi, and it was delicious.)

We narrowed down our suspects between the Mayor and an employee at the Country Club. They both had motives and their alibis just weren’t stacking up. But we didn’t feel confident to make an arrest, so we journeyed on.

Our investigation took us weaving all over Uptown. At about two and a half hours in, we checked out the leader board. Teams were starting to finish, and the pressure was on. We decided to stop at Ink N Ivy to gather our thoughts.

The country club employee had access to the weapon matching the wounds of our victims. We took a shot at it and found out we were right! Victorious!

When all was said and done, we placed 8th out of the 59 teams! I was proud of us. So, we took a photo showing our excitement and called it a day.

This was a fun way to spend an afternoon while familiarizing myself with Charlotte. It’s easily something you could do with friends or family. I highly recommend this to anyone that likes social identity games. I can’t wait for this to come back to Charlotte! Learn more about CluedUpp here and should you decide to try it out, share all of your photos with us using our hashtag #QueenCityWknd!