Here’s Where to Get Discounted Food and Drinks By Voting

election day discounted food drinks
Via Unsplash

Happy Election Day, Queen City! Head to Plaza Midwood for Election Day Discounted Food, Drinks!

Get rewarded for doing your civic duty! If you vote on November 6th and receive an ‘I Voted’ sticker, you can get some sweet discounts in a CLT neighborhood.

If you show your sticker at either Legion Brewing location, you can get half off a regular size order of Queen City Pretzel Factory Pretzels. According to the press release, it’s because “exercising your right to vote is important and Queen City Pretzel Factory pretzels are delicious.” No argument here!

And just down the street at the neighborhood’s newest spot Pilot Brewing, show your sticker and you get a complimentary Pilot Brewing logo pint glass and a brewery sticker. Oh, and 10 percent off your tab.

Did you vote early? Just save your sticker! Know any other voting deals happening in the Queen City? Let us know!