Healthy(ish) Taco Tuesday Options at Charlotte’s Favorite Spots

I love good ole Taco Tuesday as much as the next person, but finding the healthy in it can be difficult when you're out with friends. Here's a cheat sheet for some of your favorite Charlotte spots!

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Hot Taco

Hot Taco offers a Romaine lettuce cup in lieu of a carb-filled tortilla. Opt for any of the grilled seafood taco options (i.e. Baha Fish Taco, Orange Shrimp Taco, etc.) as well the roasted chicken El Pollo taco or the steak-based Asada taco.

Ask for no cheese, if you can bear it.

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Ruru's Tacos and Tequilas

Ruru’s offers a choice of corn vs. flour tortillas. In this case, go corn tortilla – traditionally, it has less calories and fat with more fiber. Some fun taco options include the You’re Going the Wrong Way marinated chicken taco, I’ll Have What She’s Having grilled mahi-mahi taco or the vegetarian That’s Not a Snowflake crispy tofu taco.

Photo Courtesy: Ruru’s Tacos and Tequilas

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Paco's Tacos & Tequila

Paco’s has several taco vessel options – including a house made wheat tortilla, a low-carb tortilla and crispy and soft corn tortillas. Instinctively, corn tortillas have less sodium, but the low-carb tortilla is better than nothing. As far as filling, they don’t disappoint. Try the Turkey Club Carnita (without ranch, if possible) or the Smokey and the Brisket option.

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Sabor Latin Street Grill

Most of Sabor’s taco options include a corn tortilla (Score!) so swaps aren’t required for the most part. With the ability to pick your protein, this makes healthy choices a bit easier. Opt for grilled chicken, grilled veggies or any grilled seafood.

The Curtido Fish Taco also looks pretty yummy.

Photo Courtesy: Sabor Latin Street Grill

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Que Onda Tacos + Tequila

All tacos served on corn tortillas (Again, score!) with three to a plate, so keep that in mind. If you need cheese on your taco, try only getting it on one instead of all three. Try the Market Veggie taco or the Grilled Steak taco.

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Cantina 1511

At Cantina 1511, you have the option of getting tacos ‘protein style,’ which basically means it comes in a lettuce cup. Go with your preference. When it comes to taco filling, 1511 is not short on options. Opt for the Grilled Mushroom taco to try something different. For more traditional options, go for the Carne Asada grilled skirt steak taco or the Baja Fish taco.

Keep in mind, these come with rice and beans, so go for the two taco option if you plan to eat the side.

Photo Courtesy: Cantina 1511

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