How Hard is Wakeboarding?

Queen City Weekend gives it their all at SouthTown Wake Park.

While shooting our feature Queen City Weekend piece at SouthTown Wake Park, operating partner Beth Ellis suggested getting my own feet wet and giving wakeboarding a try.

Just as a preface to this video, I am not athletic. I have never tried a water sport before. I am an embarrassment, I’m aware.

That being said, I’m honestly surprised I was able to get above water.

General Manager Jackie Sly gave me the rundown and was able to recognize my faults each go. He coached me each time and, to be honest, my last run wasn’t all that bad. (I have to tell myself that to justify posting this video.)

Want to try it yourself? SouthTown Wake Park is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. Find it at 255 E. Rambo Road in Rock Hill.