People Are Literally Doing Cartwheels for the New Diet Coke Flavors

Why try cartwheels, juggling and balancing acts? #BecauseICan

We all know the classic Diet Coke, but you may not be as familiar with the four new Diet Coke flavors to join the line-up: Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, and Ginger Lime. They’re super good and very tasty, so we took to the streets of the Queen City to introduce them… with a catch, of course. #BecauseICan

Queen City Weekend offered free Diet Coke to those who would attempt one of our many (random) challenges – and people certainly delivered! We had people willing to juggle, do a cartwheel and even attempt balancing acts all to win a Diet Coke of their choosing.

Now that you’ve seen what other people will do for Diet Coke, we want to see what you can do! Use the hashtag #BecauseICan and show us your stuff with your favorite new Diet Coke flavor! You can grab a pack of them at any grocery store.