NoDa Brewing Reopening Original Location on May 17th

noda brewing
Via Facebook

After years of remaining (mostly) closed off to the public, NoDa Brewing is finally reopening its original location – OG – off North Davidson Street!

According to a Facebook event, “Not only do we have a new look, but we’ve got some amazing sours on tap that we’ve been aging for a couple years.

The location will reopen on Friday, May 17th. Hours on Friday will be 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. They plan to have 16 beverages on tap, including several sours, some well-loved beers like Hop, Drop and Roll and two Brizo flavors.

As far as parking, they offer this advice:

As with the entire NoDa area (and many other neighborhoods), parking is tough and only getting tougher. In addition to our small amount of on-site parking (if everyone parks correctly we’ve got around 15 spaces), whenever possible, we suggest…

• taking the light rail (1/2 mile from 36th St stop)
• biking
• scootering
• walking/running
• Lyft/Uber
• carpool

All else fails, park on one of the side streets (just be very courteous of our neighbors and driveways).

One place not to park: the gravel lot behind Center Stage. That is their parking and we want to be good neighbors by respecting that. It’s posted that they may tow so please be aware.