Pimento Cheese Biscuit: Your Bojangles’ breakfast just got better

Bojangles Pimento Cheese
Bojangles introduces new pimento cheese (Source: Bojangles)

Cheese and breakfast fans, it’s time to unite over a love that’s cheesy in the best way. Bojangles’ has just introduced its very own melty, cheddary Pimento Cheese spread to some of their signature menu items. And this spread has a kick! The Cajun Filet Biscuit with Pimento Cheese and the Pimento Cheese biscuit are now available. You can also add the spread to any other menu item for a limited time at participating restaurants, so the possibilities for you to try are endless.

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Jackie Woodward, chief marketing officer for Bojangles’, said, “Bojangles’ is all about the real deal Southern flavor, and Pimento Cheese is as Southern as it gets. [It’s] only here for a limited time, so everyone should…taste it today.”

Be a part of the big rollout! Snap a photo enjoying your first bite and share it to social media using #PimentoCheeseFaceContest.

Find your nearest Bojangles’ restaurant and see how many menu items you can try the spread on. Enjoy!