Queen City Brewery Wins The Crown For ‘Best Summertime Brew’ in NC

Are you a beer connoisseur? If so, we may have found two perfect Carolina-brewed drinks for you to try.

A popular magazine unveiled their list of the best summertime brews in each state and a Charlotte staple topped the charts for North Carolina!

Sycamore Brewery‘s adored Sun Grown Lager won the crown for the best summertime beer in NC! According to Popular Mechanics, the Sun Grown Lager is “seemingly straightforward” and is known as “the ideal of simple beer.”

The Sun Grown Lager has even won several international awards, according to Sycamore Brewery! The brewery states that the lager offers a “light sweetness, balanced by a refreshingly clean, crisp finish.”

The Coast 32°/50° Kölsch ranked supreme in South Carolina. The  Kölsch-styled beer is based out of Coast Brewing Company, which is located in North Charleston. According to the brewery’s website, the beer is “soft on the palate with a delicate malt flavor.”

Popular Mechanics said that Kölsch-styled beer was better than white wine.

SC’s top brew is balanced with wheat and honey, with a splash of a dry wine flavor.

You can find Popular Mechanics’ full list here.