Sushi-Making Tips from the Pros at Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

Sure you've eaten sushi, but have you ever tried to make it yourself? We went to Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar and they gave us some pro-tips on making sushi at home by showing us how they make their Fiery Dragon Roll!

Great sushi is hard to beat. From the fresh ingredients to the combinations of incredible flavors, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular food. Trying to make sushi at home isn’t as daunting of a task as you might think. While mastering sushi might take a lifetime, just about anyone can make a simple maki roll at home! Here are some sushi making tips to get you started from the pros at Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar!

  1. Rice is super important. Use high-grade sushi rice if possible.
  2. Wash the rice thoroughly before cooking to remove starch and make it sticky
  3. After cooking the rice add sushi vinegar to season
  4. When handling the sushi be careful not to mash or crush it
  5. Spread the rice evenly across the nori seaweed paper
  6. Place the shiny side of the nori down and spread rice on the rough side
  7. Next flip the roll over and place on top of makisu bamboo mat
  8. Begin evenly placing ingredients  on to the center of the nori
  9. Leave room on each end so everything rolls properly
  10. Use makisu mat to roll applying even pressure
  11. Begin topping the roll alternating between your toppings
  12. Cover roll in parchment paper use makisu to secure toppings
  13. Using a sharp knife, cut the sushi into even pieces
  14. After cutting use makisu mat to apply pressure again
  15. Remove the parchment paper
  16. Place roll on serving plate and get ready to add toppings
  17. Drizzle eel sauce across the top of the roll
  18. Top each piece with a thinly sliced jalape├▒o
  19. Top each pice with topeka fish eggs
  20. And now your roll is finished! Serve and enjoy!

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