Wentworth & Fenn is Plaza Midwood’s Newest Mobile Dessert Camper

The neighborhood's newest food truck concept has taken up residence in front of Moxie Mercantile.

The idea of setting up shop in a camper came from Samantha Allen’s frustration in not being able to find a brick and mortar that fit her wants for her business, Wentworth & Fenn.

Allen wanted something nostalgic, and when she saw a refurbished camper that now homed a boutique on wheels, she said ‘Why not pastries?’

So she and her wife Cassie set out if search for a new home for her business. They found an old Shasta, rebuilt her from the ground up, gave her a catchy name (Selma) and now set up shop in front of Moxie Mercantile in Plaza Midwood.

You can find Wentworth & Fenn in front of their building on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. until sellout. Moxie Mercantile is located at 2008 Commonwealth Ave.