Wooden Robot Brewery’s New Gastropub Set to Open in March

Via CharlotteFive
By Jessica Bentley

The next time pint pioneers venture into Wooden Robot Brewery on South Tryon Street, they will notice a large opening along the back wall leading into Chef Rob Masone’s newest eatery, Kre8 Gastropub, which is expected to open the first week of March.

Removed wall leading into Kre8 Gastropub (Via CharlotteFive)

This 60-plus seated addition, with an outdoor beer garden, will serve as an extension to the brewery, offering an eclectic menu of meat-forward specialties, plenty of vegetarian “kre8tions,” with a light sprinkle of vegan and gluten-free snacks.

Indoor-outdoor beer garden opening (Via CharlotteFive)

Servers will be known as Foodtenders, and will take your order once you find your desired spot to enjoy a few brews with your buds. If you’re in dire hurry for a snack, there will be a walk-up window leading into the kitchen where you can order prior to perching yourself at a high top or barstool.

To read more about the concept – including the type of food you’ll find there – check out the full article on CharlotteFive.