Five QC Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Let's be honest - dating can be hard, especially in the Queen City. And figuring out ideas that won't break the bank can seem impossible sometimes. Lucky for you, #QueenCityWknd Intern Anthony Jefferson took out all the guessing for you and compiled a list that doesn't disappoint. Have other ideas you think are the perfect dates? Take a picture and share it with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #QueenCityWknd. Is Facebook your thing? We've got that, too.

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Grab Some Coffee Then Go for a Stroll

Coffee is a low-key idea that works well as a first date. Doesn’t go well? Get an espresso. Feel like you’re bonding? Get that cup to go and take a walk.  We got up close and personal with CupLux Coffee as they showed us some tips that will make your home brewed coffee taste better.

Make it Sweeter with an Ice Cream Stop

Wanting something a little bit sweeter? Opt for some ice cream or frozen yogurt. Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream is a great family-owned business off South Blvd. If you are looking for a little more freedom in your flavor combination, then try Fuzzy Peach Yogurt shop on South Mint Street. They have a bunch of options – making the combinations endless.

Take the Pressure Off with Bowling

Whether you’re thinking of making it a double date or just the two of you, bowling is the option that won’t disappoint. There’s less pressure, but you still get the opportunity to get to know your date in a one-on-one setting. Go ahead, go bowl and show off that you are the big dog on the lanes. You can go over to Strike City on East Trade Street or have the option of a more mature vibe with drinks, and a full menu at Park Lanes off Montford Dr.

Get Lost (Intentionally) In a Corn Maze

Since it is already the season for it, use it to your advantage. Corn mazes are a great fall activity that your date is probably already wanting to go on. Why not grab a nice sweater and turn it into a romantic seasonal date? We already have a list of all the mazes, their hours and prices for you.

Just be careful that when you are lost in the maze, you don’t get lost in your date’s eyes, too. #corny Get it?

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Catch a Concert

There are plenty of free seasonal concerts that happen all across the Queen City, but if you’ve got a little more money to spend, a local act could be a fun option! If you and your date are  into a more hardcore tone, then check out The Milestone. If you aren’t too hardcore but still want something non-traditional then The Fillmore is right up your alley.