Shopping Local: What is Fractal Wood Burning?

Philip Long with Westwood Crafts shows us how he makes his most unique item.

When Maiden resident Philip Long retired, he decided to spend his newly-discovered spare time in his shed woodworking. And what started out as making cutting boards and bowls quickly developed into the very niche field of fractal wood burning.

So, what is fractal wood burning? First things first, it’s something you shouldn’t try at home. The process includes using high voltages of electricity and a conductive solution to create a lightening effect on the wood. Two probes are set on the wood and burn toward each other.

For Philip, it’s not only his best seller but one of his favorite pasttimes. He says he can spend hours just mesmerized by the different patterns created by the art.

If you’re interested in checking out his pieces for yourself, Philip is regularly at the monthly Uptown Flea shopping event as well as the Saturday farmer’s market at Atherton Mill.