Tattoo Me Charlotte Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Tattoo Parlor

Owner Stacy Smith says she's trying to elevate the tattoo profession - from her shop look to the actual tattoo process.

Tattoos don’t have the same taboo as they used to. At least, that’s what Stacy Smith says. She owns popular shop Tattoo Me Charlotte off Tryon Street in South End and has made every effort to go against the norm.

To be honest, you notice it as soon as you walk in. Walking into the shop is like walking into a boutique, complete with draping plants, a fun chandelier and creative wall art. Unlike tattoo parlors of times past, there aren’t any tattoo stencils displayed on the wall. It’s all custom and curtailed to the customer body art.

For Stacy, it’s about cultivating that relationship with the client and creating a piece that encompasses them. It’s a collaborative process, iPad in hand and drawing something they’ll be proud to wear.

“You can’t divorce your tattoo!” Stacy jokes.

This process seems to be working for her. She was a competitor on the most recent season of Ink Master and she’s completely booked out months in advanced. For Smith, it’s just a dream come true.

Tattoo Me Charlotte is located at 1440 S. Tryon Street between Wooden Robot Brewery and the Brass Tap.